Having questions about body contouring is normal. For many, it’s a completely new thing. Let’s face it, when it comes to your body you want to make sure you have all of your questions answered! We want to make sure TushToners is the right option for your body, budget and time. We understand the investment this takes so we are more than happy to answers any questions you have along the way!

Are you ready to try TushToners?

Non-invasive body contouring, aka body sculpting, are used synonymously and depending upon who you ask it can be a different thing (frustrating we know!). There are MANY forms of noninvasive body contouring, but our device has ultrasonic cavitation and radiofrequency so we'll just focus on that! It is an inch loss method that sculpts your body, targets stubborn fat, reduces cellulite, tightens the skin and helps promote overall skin rejuvenation. Noninvasive is nonsurgical/non medical. 

Anywhere you want to reduce stubborn fat or tighten the skin! It can be done to the arms, butt, chin/jawline/neckline, stomach, inner/outer or back of thighs and even your back/sides (love handles). It can also be used on the forehead and crow's feet area to reduce wrinkles!


Most people are fine using the machine, however it is NOT for everyone.

DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT if you are pregnant, nursing, have any medical devices implanted including, but not limited to, hearing aids, pacemakers, or hormonal pellets, have cancer, lymphatic disorders, cardiovascular conditions, uncontrolled diabetes, kidney or liver disorders or any other medical condition not listed that might be a contraindication. This product is NOT to be used for anyone under the age of 18 years old. If you have any questions or want to know if you are a good candidate call us at 844-488-7437. 

No! The ultrasonic cavitation produces sound waves that heat up the subcutaneous layer of fat causing it to liquify and naturally drain through the lymphatic system. You will hear a buzzing in your ear the entire time it is on. It will get mildly warm on the skin, which is necessary to shrink the fat cells. If it's too warm go faster, apply more oil or reduce the intensity. 

When radiofrequency is applied to the face/neck area it is more sensitive than the thighs, butt and stomach. It can feel warm and prickly to some people depending upon how sensitive their skin is. 

Many people actually think body contouring is very relaxing and feels like a massage, so much so that many fall asleep during the service!


Stomach. The vast majority of clients see instant results after their first 45-minute session and typically lose 1/2 to 1-inch of stomach fat. Some have lost as much as 2 inches per 90-minute session. But, the best part is, what you see once the session is complete isn’t the end; your body will naturally drain the liquified fat over the next few days so drink EXTRA WATER to ensure optimal results. Many experience peak results 1-3 days post session. Most people need about 6-10 stomach sessions to achieve optimal results, some more, some less depending on how much there is to lose, age and lifestyle. 

Cellulite. Unfortunately ladies, this takes time ;-( Most women need at least 5 sessions (45 minutes per leg) to get results. Depending upon age and severity of cellulite more sessions may be necessary to achieve desired results. But consistency is key! Don't get discouraged if you don't have results after a few sessions- cellulite wasn't created in a day and won't go away in a day, either!

Jawline/Under the Chin. Most people do around six, 15-minute sessions to reduce a double chin or sculpt the jawline. The amount of sessions can vary greatly depending upon age and amount of loose skin in the area. Many will even notice a difference after the first 15-minute session!

Arms. This tends to be the trickiest area! Radiofrequency works best when there is minimal loose skin. The composition of the "arm fat" tends to be different than the stomach, even though both can be pinchable, the arms have more loose skin than just fat. Loose skin is harder to eliminate than fat. Therefore, setting expectations are important. Arms will have the least dramatic change with the machine, but it can make a very subtle and noticeable difference for individuals who do not have a lot of excess skin.  

Forehead wrinkles/Crow's Feet. This is heavily age dependent! Many people in their 20's will use to tighten skin before they really have any wrinkles. Folks in their 30's-40's will use to reduce wrinkles and folks in theirs 50's + will use to really tighten the skin. Many people will incorporate this into their skin care routine and do 15-30 minutes a week for a few weeks (or longer) until they achieve desired results. 

Since everyone’s body is different there is no exact timeframe on "how long the results will last," however, body contouring is easiest explained like this: if you are a healthy individual who works out regularly and eats well, you will not spontaneously gain weight. But if you stop and adopt poor dieting habits, the inches will come back. The same goes for body contouring. If you are working out, eating healthy you can certainly expect long-term results. Body contouring is an extremely expedited inch loss approach where similar results could take years with regular diet and exercise alone. Once your body goals are achieved, use the machine more as a maintenance tool, for example, after the holidays or before a vacation. Needing spot treatments is totally normal and expected. The machine comes in handy when we need to look good for an upcoming event or when you're in a pinch to lose an inch!

In-Person Body Contouring Sessions Chicago ONLY- $150 for 45 minutes. We offer package deals, just inquire what specials we are running. We also have financing available!

At-Home Body Contouring Machines- $1,399 + tax. Specially priced to be less than the cost of 10 in-person body contouring sessions. Financing available at checkout with Affirm. 

All sales are final for the TushToners At-Home Body Sculpting Machine, body oil and face oil. We will exchange defective or damaged products that meet the below criteria:

TushToners LLC offers a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty on all TushToners At-Home Machine units and all attachment pieces (power cord, handle rack, all radiofrequency wands and the ultrasonic cavitation wand). This warranty covers all manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship under normal use including electrical, mechanical, and digital screen functions. This warranty does NOT cover any damage caused by the end-user including but not limited to: the machine or attachment pieces being dropped, broken, liquid or oil damage to the digital screen or inside the machine, liquid or oil damage to any of the electrical ports, or any other man made damage caused by the user whether by accident or improper use of the machine. TushToners reserves the right to deny any warranty claim that do not meet this criteria.

No! We've had clients with 25-inch waists to 55-inch waists and everything in between who have gotten incredible results.

The machine can be effective for someone who has plateaued and can't seem to get the last stubborn inches off...or someone who has struggled with weight loss their whole life.

Everyone has a different starting point!

You MUST be at least 18 years old to use the machine, or to receive in-person body contouring services. 

We've had clients (in-person and who've purchased the at-home machine) aged 18-75+! The machine works for all ages and body types but it's important to set expectations. This is a noninvasive device it will not reverse the clock by decades like a face or arm lift or tummy tuck can do for loose skin. 

As we age, we lose collagen amongst other things like hormone shifts which can make losing weight and tightening skin more difficult. With that said folks 50, 60+ can certainly get incredible results!