Refund Policy & Warranty Policy

Refund Policy & Warranty Policy

ALL SALES ARE FINAL ON AT-HOME MACHINES AND BODY AND FACE OILS. TushToners LLC will exchange defective or damaged products that meet the below criteria.

TushToners LLC offers a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty on all TushToners At-Home Machine units and all attachment pieces (power cord, handle rack, all radiofrequency wands and the ultrasonic cavitation wand). This warranty covers all manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship under normal use including electrical, mechanical, and digital screen functions. This warranty does NOT cover any damage caused by the end-user including but not limited to: the machine or attachment pieces being dropped, broken, liquid or oil damage to the digital screen or inside the machine, liquid or oil damage to any of the electrical ports, or any other manmade damage caused by the user whether by accident or improper use of the machine. TushToners reserves the right to deny any warranty claim that does not meet the below criteria and has the sole discretion to approve or deny warranty claims.

The warranty is void if the machine is found to be used for commercial use. The TushToners At-Home Machine is designed and intended for personal use only.

Submitting a warranty claim

Call 844-488-7437 or email with the subject line Warranty Claim to start the process. Hours of operation are Monday -Friday 9 am-6 pm CST and Saturday and Sunday 10 am-4 pm CST.

For replacement parts including all RF and ultrasonic cavitation wands, power cord and handle rack email a photo of the damaged part (if there is damage) and a description of the issue. If it is determined to be a manufacture defect a new replacement part(s) will be mailed out via USPS within 48 hours for no charge.

For issues with the TushToners At-Home Machine unit please call or email and describe the issue(s) you are experiencing. We will troubleshoot over the phone or by email first. Based upon the initial intake call or email we may require additional information including a video to verify the damage/defect.

If the issue cannot be solved over the phone and is perceived to be a manufacturer defect, the customer will be emailed a return label within 48 hours to ship the machine back. It is up to the customer to ensure the machine is packaged properly to avoid any additional damage. TushToners assumes no liability for machines damaged in transit and encourages the customer to keep the original packaging to send the machine back in the event of a warranty claim. TushToners is not responsible for the cost of packaging materials for the return shipment. TushToners will only provide the shipping label to cover the shipping cost.

Once the machine is received by TushToners, an assessment will be made to determine if the machine’s issue(s) are related to a manufacturer’s defect or damage caused by the end user. If it is determined to be a manufacturer defect and can be fixed it will be fixed and returned to the customer at no charge. If it is determined to be a manufacturer defect that cannot be fixed, a new replacement machine will be provided to the customer at no charge. The customer will be informed throughout the process via email or phone. Either a fixed machine or a new machine will be shipped to the customer within two weeks of TushToners receiving the machine. TushToners will pay for all shipping costs related to replacement or fixed machines.

If it is determined that damage has been caused by the end user and NOT a manufacturer defect TushToners will inform the customer via email or phone within two weeks of receiving the machine. The customer will have the option to have the machine shipped back and be responsible for the shipping fees or TushToners can discard the machine and offer the customer a discount on purchasing a new machine.

Extended Warranty

If a customer experiences an issue with any attachment pieces after 1 year of purchase follow the below protocol:

For all RF and ultrasonic cavitation wands the customer can purchase a replacement part(s) for $50.00 + tax and shipping.

Handle Rack can be purchased for $30.00 + tax and shipping.

Power Cord can be purchased for $25.00 + tax and shipping.

Email to receive a link to purchase the replacement part(s). Replacement parts will be shipped out within 48 hours of purchase via USPS.

If a customer experiences issues with TushToners At-Home Machine unit after 1 year of purchase but before 3 years of purchase they can purchase a new machine for a significant discount. Please reach out to to discuss what discounts and options are available