3 Quick exercises to do at home WITH KIDS

Asian Mother and daughter doing fitness exercises in living room at home to maintain physical and mental health and wellbeing get exercise into your daily routine while social distancing.

Having children can definitely be a legitimate reason for not having enough time or energy to work out! You can keep waiting for that precious alone time to bust out your yoga mat or hop on some gym equipment, but let’s face it, we all know that being a parent is a full-time job and alone time is a scarcity. Parents can’t even go to the bathroom alone with toddlers around, so how can you expect them to leave you alone for a solid hour or even a quick 15-min break so you can work out?

The solution to this problem is not by putting your kids to bed early or sending them away for an hour every day (though that isn’t a bad idea either!). And while we will consider you extremely lucky if you can manage to do that every day, a more practical and fun option is to involve them in your home workouts. Together, you and your kids will be able to spend some quality time and will get the physical exercise you need to keep your mind and body healthy. Below are our favorite and easiest home workouts to do with kids.



bear crawl workout with kids Chicago

This fun exercise definitely tops the list of best home workouts with kids. Children find it entertaining, and to toddlers, it comes naturally. You can even make this exercise more competitive by finding out who can roar the loudest.

All you have to do is make some room on the floor so that you and your kids can crawl from one end of the room to the other end. Place your palms and feet on the floor and raise your body so that your back forms an arch. Now start crawling on all fours, just like a bear. Race your kids to the other end of the room and watch them giggle as they try to replicate your moves.

According to Women’s Health magazine, the bear crawl exercise strengthens your chest, shoulders, and arms. It also improves the body’s balance and respiratory system.

Want a greater challenge? Add ankle weights!



jumping jacks with kids workout Chicago

Kids love doing jumping jacks, and you will love how it gets your heartrate up to burn calories fast! If kids struggle to get the formation, try introducing it as a ‘Star Jump.’ Ask them to jump like a star and they will jump with glee and tell you, “Look, momma! I am a star!” You will be surprised at how easily your kids can keep pace with you.

Performing jumping jacks is fun and easy. You just have to stand straight and at every jump, stretch out your arms and legs to form an X in the air. You can easily do 3 sets of 15 with your kids during every workout session.

According to the Insider, jumping jack is a full-body workout. It targets all the core muscles in our body, improves cardiovascular health, and helps strengthen the bones.



doing yoga with kids chicago

When it comes to stretching and yoga poses, children’s flexible bodies give them a great advantage. They will love to do all kinds of yoga poses and stretches with you. They will rejoice at the fact that they can bend all the way down to touch their toes with their hands while you are still recovering from the stiff back of yours.

Just like in adults, stretches and yoga exercises help reduce stress and anxiety in kids. It strengthens their core muscles, improves their breathing, and is great for their brain development. The overall effect of practicing yoga daily with your children is that they will become calmer, healthier, and will be able to sleep better.

According to the Arizona Early Childhood, yoga inculcates discipline in children and helps them regulate their emotions. They become more aware of their minds and bodies and learn how to control each of them, creating a perfect harmony between the two. This important life skill helps them become successful in the practical world.


Now you don’t have to keep waiting for some alone time to workout at home. With our best home workouts with kids, you can call your children to join you in some fun exercises that will stimulate everyone’s physical and mental health, which is MUCH needed during the pandemic!


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