Can you do body contouring on your arms at home?


We’ve all been there. Having jiggly underarms is no fun at all! And let’s face it, for most people, doing push-ups or arm workouts is really not their cup of tea. Most women, especially as they age, begin to lose the loose elasticity in their underarm area and as a result, it’s harder to maintain muscle mass. Fortunately, radiofrequency is a known skin tightener that can absolutely help target stubborn, jiggly underarm fat from the comfort of your own home!

Consistent Radiofrequency Treatments

skin tightenings arms at home body contouring
A Female in 20’s did three, 45 minutes sessions on her arms/upper back.

In order to get the most out of your at-home arm body contouring sessions, make sure you do at least 20 minutes per arm per week. And up to 45 minutes per arm per week. We recommend starting with 20 minutes first and increasing up to 45 minutes, if necessary. It’s important to focus on one arm at a time, even though your arm might get tired. If you keep rotating from the right arm to the left arm, you’re really not going to get the best results. It’s important for you to focus on one arm at a time. You can also target your upper back towards your armpit area in the bra bulge. This is definitely an area of concern for many women. Most people notice tightness after just one session but most need about 6 sessions to get the best results.

Make sure you oil up

at home body contouring
We recommend you use baby oil, a mineral-based oil, or coconut oil.

Oil is essential to make sure that the radio frequency does not cause a burning sensation to the skin. You will feel heat and prickles, which is normal, but it should never ever be uncomfortable. If it is, make sure you lower the settings. Since oil is involved it’s best if you do it topless or wear clothes you do not care about as oil can stain.


Practice makes perfect!

radiofrequency skin tightening arms
Female early 20’s after two, 45-minute sessions.

We recommend doing it in front of a mirror so you make sure you’re covering all areas! Focus on both the tricep and armpit area to get maximum coverage. We understand that staring at yourself for 45 or 90-minutes can feel like an eternity, so we also recommend tuning into a podcast, listening to music, or watching something on TV to make the time go by.

Know your Equipment!


at home body sculpting machine

It’s also important to note that only radiofrequency should be used on the arm, not ultrasonic cavitation. The reason being is that radiofrequency is the skin tightener and ultrasonic cavitation melts the fat, which essentially can make the area looser and since the underarm area is loose to begin with, you don’t want to add any extra jiggliness!


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