How do I use a body contouring machine?

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Embarking on an at-home, DIY, body contouring journey is both exciting and nerve-racking. How will you know how to use the machine? What if you do something wrong? What if it doesn’t work? How do you know when you should use it? Have no fear, TushToners is here!

What do I do when I get the machine?

TushToners at home body sculpting

First and foremost, ALL TushToners machines come with a detailed instruction manual and training videos that go over how to put the machine together (it’s VERY easy takes less than 5 minutes even a child could do it!) and it explains what the attachments are for, what body part to use them on and the recommended time to do per area, per week. The videos give demonstrations on how to properly use the machine.


Customer Service – One Phone Call or Text Away!


TushToners at home body sculpting


At TushToners we believe so strongly in our product’s ability to reduce inches, cellulite and tighten skin that we truly are happy answering any questions our customers have before or after a purchase. Whether it’s technical troubleshooting, understanding the right oil to use, or questions about ultrasonic cavitation or radiofrequency in general. We’re so happy to help! You can call or text us at 844-844-7437, or send us a message on Instagram. Whatever channel works for you, we’re happy to accommodate!


Turn the Machine On!

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Sounds silly, but the only way to get results from your at-home body contouring machine is to actually turn the machine on and use it! How many people do you know who have a Pelton at home that’s just sitting there collecting dust or a gym membership that goes unused? (Perhaps, you’re even one of those people)! It doesn’t matter how expensive a machine is or how good a trainer is, if you don’t utilize the resources at hand, you simply won’t get results if you don’t put the time and effort into it.


You have to take the initiative and dedicate the appropriate time each week to do body contouring to the desired area and repeat until you achieve the results you want. Clients that come in person and dedicate 45 to 90-minutes each week are the ones who get the best results and see the most progress. The ones who come once, then the next month, and skip weeks in between will not get the best results, it really is what you put into it!


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