8 Simple lifestyle changes that will help you stay fit!

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With the start of the New Year, you probably are looking forward to making positive changes to your life. But as it goes, life’s challenges always have a way of getting in the way of reaching our goals. Make 2021 the YEAR to make lifestyle choices that will actually stick and begin to cement patterns that will keep you healthy for years to come!

Start with these simple tips to get fit easily and stay healthy for good!

1.    Start Your Day with a Big Protein-Loaded Breakfast


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To start the day off right, a high-protein breakfast is the way to go! Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, turkey sausages, eggs, a beverage (such as whole milk, coconut milk, or almond milk), black beans, quinoa, and avocado are all considered rich sources of protein, so make it a point to power your breakfast with these healthy food items! Also, consider adopting the Keto or Paleo Diet and researching other proven diet/lifestyle approaches, and at least, minimize your processed food intake.

2.    Avoid Binge Eating


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A junk food binge is hard to resist, right? The trick is to control your cravings and to gradually avoid eating sweets, pizza, burgers, and so on. You can seldom indulge in junk foods but not regularly. A healthy way to deal with your hunger pangs is to have healthy snacks – dried fruits, nuts, freshly cut veggies – carrots, celery, etc.

3.    Walk More


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If COVID19 taught us anything, it’s that being locked inside is no fun! Make it a DAILY HABIT, regardless of the weather to go outside and walk for a bit. If time is tight, a walk around the block to get sunshine will suffice. But our bodies need fresh air, Vitamin D, and a break from screen time! By getting into the habit of walking outside every day, you make time for yourself and prioritize your health. It’s good to stop, break and get air!



4.  Engage In A Sport/Exercise that You Love


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This could be anything from simply walking every day for 15 minutes to something more complicated like an intensive workout such as rock climbing to Orange Theory. Pick anything that excites you or intrigues you and incorporate it into your daily life, and DON’T QUIT! This way, you will look forward to staying fit and healthy every single day. After all, your journey to achieve fitness shouldn’t be boring to you!


5.    Get Sufficient Sleep


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The goal is to keep your body AND mind healthy. This means you can’t compromise on your sleep. Ideally, you should get 7 – 8 hours of sleep each night. If you have trouble sleeping at night or if you are a light sleeper, try shutting ALL your electronics (cell phone, computer, TV) off several hours before bed, reading a good book, or make a list of to-do’s before bed, so your thoughts are on paper and not jumbled in your mind.

6.    Opt for Healthy Beverages


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Cut down on energy or soda drinks because trust us, they provide no benefit at all. Instead, go for healthy beverages, such as green tea (which is full of antioxidants), kombucha tea, and good old water!

7.    Eat More Veggies


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You can have them either cooked or in salads – whichever way you prefer. Just make sure you regularly eat fresh and healthy vegetables to stay fit and strong! Some veggies you should try to eat a few times a week include kale, beets, arugula, broccoli, cabbage, eggplant, Brussels sprouts, bok choy and cauliflower.

8.    Keep A Journal


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Maintaining a journal helps your mind stay focused. Whether it is a to-do list, a gratitude list, or goals you want to achieve in 2021 or 5 years from now, having things cemented in writing, and going back to them frequently, holds you more accountable and keeps you on track. By simply making it a habit to jot down the things you are grateful for in your journal can improve your mental health. Though it might sound simple to do, it can be hard to do every day. Practice makes perfect! Plus, it’s fun to go back a few weeks or months and read what you were thinking about! So, which of these lifestyle changes have you already made or aim to incorporate into your daily routine?


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