Benefits of Biking for Your Booty

CHICAGO, IL, USA - JUNE 7, 2020: Divvy bikes locked up at a rental kiosk in downtown Chicago. The kiosks are made for people to rent and ride around the city then return to other kiosks.

It is time to get your bike out of the garage or rent one! (Divvy bikes are a great, affordable alternative if you don’t own one for cruising around Chicago). Biking is possibly the best way to explore your surroundings, and guess what… it does wonders if you’re looking to tone your tush!

Ever wonder why professional cyclists and mountain bikers have such firm butts? The magic is in what they do. Not only is cycling an intensive cardio activity, but it is an amazing way to get a firmer, stronger, and more defined butt.

Cycling works your glutes and hamstrings, giving you toned hips and thighs too. It is especially effective for your booty if you are cycling up a slope or hilly area. Since we don’t have much of that in Chicago, make sure to add the highest resistance or increase the distance so you are getting the most booty-building activity!

Some of the benefits of biking for your booty are:



biking benefits for your butt Chicago body contouring

Cycling or biking specifically target your glutes. When these muscles are weak, our butt appears to be flat, fatty and bulky. Strengthening the glute muscles will result in a firmer, rounder and stronger butt.

The constant paddling action during cycling works our glutes, and the contraction of these muscles makes them strong. As a result, our butt becomes more contoured and firmer.


For most women, the lower abdomen, buttocks, and thighs are trouble areas as these are the areas where the most stubborn fat gets deposited. As a result, women’s buttocks, lower abdomen, and thighs may appear fatty and bulky and be extra challenging to eliminate. Cycling targets those deposits of stubborn fats and helps to melt them so that they can be naturally be drained out of the body through the lymphatic system.

During cycling, we experience strain on our leg muscles and glutes as we peddle up a hill or against the wind. Just by cycling for an hour, we can burn around 500 calories. As our body’s energy source depletes, it uses the fat that has been stored to produce more energy and keep us going through the day. As a result, our body loses fat, and we become slimmer, especially around the butt and thighs.



man butt cycling TushToners Chicago body sculpting

Cycling is a great way to tone your butt. The regular action of paddling will strengthen all three of your glute muscles (gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus, and gluteus medius), giving your booty a proper shape. Your butt will look rounder and firmer, and the muscles in that area will also get stronger. You will be able to see the proper shape of those butt muscles as the fat deposits have been removed, and only the bone, muscle mass, and skin remain.



benefits of biking for your butt Chicago body contouring

Because the streets are level around Chicago, make sure to add the highest resistance on leveled roads to build your muscles. But if you go the extra mile and decide to bike up the steep hills, whenever you can find them, it will put the right amount of strain on your glutes and cause wear and tear to lead to enhanced muscle growth.

The tearing of muscles will activate the repair process in your body. As your muscles get repaired and new muscle tissues are formed, the muscles become bigger and stronger. Continuous tearing and repairing of muscles will make them bigger, and as a result, your butt will look more enhanced.

So, now that you know that there are numerous benefits of biking for your booty, stop sitting on your butt and go get your bike out of the garage!


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