Benefits of Including Kettlebells in Your Workout


Kettlebells are very handy and versatile pieces of workout equipment that do so much for your body! They make lifting weights a piece of cake and can give you a solidly toned figure. The cannonball has an attached iron-cast handle on one end, offering you a firm grip on the equipment. The amazing part about kettlebells is that it breaks free from the one size fits all philosophy and is available in many different sizes, weights, and colors to match your unique fitness needs.

Kettlebell workouts are gaining popularity amongst both men and women. This equipment has become an essential part of weight training exercises. Weight training exercises don’t just sculpt your body and give you an athletic figure. These exercises are also beneficial for improving your posture, increasing your bone density, boosting your metabolism, and helping you sleep better.

You can rest assured that weight training exercises with kettlebells will give you all the benefits of a healthy life and keep you slim and trim.

Some of the amazing benefits of including kettlebell in your workout are as follows:



kettlebells Chicago weight loss and body sculpting

When you exercise with kettlebells, you burn 20 calories per minute. Research has shown that kettlebell swings are one of the most effective exercises for losing weight because, in one hour, you can burn around 1,200 calories. And here is a fun fact, burning 1,200 calories in an hour is the same as running a distance of 6 miles in an hour! Now isn’t it amazing that with this invention, you can burn just as many calories as you would burn running outside in the heat for an hour?



kettlebells Chicago weight loss and body sculpting

Working out with kettlebells is a lot like lifting weights. Lifting the heavy iron-cast cannonballs needs strength, and exercising while lifting kettlebells can prove to be strenuous. You will feel like every single muscle in your body is being worked to give you the strength you need to lift the kettlebells and exercise with them. But unlike weightlifting exercises, kettlebells make your body flexible. Its smooth grip and small size allow you to flex your body and perform exercises that are not possible while lifting weights.


Scientific studies have shown that working out with kettlebells helps reduce neck, shoulder, and back pains. Quite often, body pain is a result of tension in our nerves and muscles. But when we exercise with kettlebells, the muscles in our neck, shoulders, and back get worked, and as the muscles become stronger, the tension in our tendons and nerves reduces. And hence we stop feeling constant body aches.



kettlebells Chicago weight loss and body sculpting

When your muscle mass decreases and your muscles become stronger and well-shaped, the posture of your body improves automatically. Quite often, our incorrect body posture is the result of tension in our nerves and muscles. When our muscles become stronger, and the nerve tension reduces, we are able to correct our posture without feeling any pain.

Moreover, including kettlebells in your workout can also give you a better body balance. Once you get the hand of training with weights in your hands, you learn to balance your body well in order to avoid falling over and sustaining an injury.



kettlebells Chicago weight loss and body sculpting

Working out with kettlebells is the same as having a full-body workout. It offers the combined benefits of cardio, weight training, strength training, and resistance training exercises. Including kettlebells in your workout will help you build all your core muscles and give you a ripped body and athletic figure.


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