Benefits of Olive Oil for Promoting Weight Loss


The olive tree is one of the oldest types of trees cultivated all around the world, and the oil from its seeds and fruit has long been used for medicinal purposes.

Over time, olive oil started being used for culinary purposes, mainly in cooking and also as a dressing for salads. There are many manufacturing purposes for olive oil as well, such as commercial plasters and soaps.

Olive oil also offers multiple health benefits – it reduces inflammation, lowers blood pressure levels, and promotes overall heart health.

Among many other things, did you know that olive oil is an excellent ingredient for weight loss?

There are numerous benefits of olive oil in promoting weight loss, especially the extra virgin category, which is made of cold-pressed, pure olives.

Benefits of Olive Oil for Weight Loss

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Promotes A Balanced Diet

Have you heard of the Mediterranean diet?

If not, one of the main caveats is how olive oil plays an important role in helping you lose weight and maintain an overall healthy body/lifestyle.

The Mediterranean diet comprises of fruits, veggies, whole grains, and legumes, and the main source of fat that this diet relies on is olive oil.

So, when you consume olive oil daily through this diet, it ultimately paves the way towards a more balanced diet and keeps your calorie count in proper check.

Monounsaturated Fatty Acids Help Maintain Your Weight

Olive oil contains large amounts of monounsaturated fatty acids, also referred to as MUFAs, a healthy type of fat that helps in weight loss by maintaining your overall weight.

Many studies have been conducted on the relation between unsaturated fats and weight loss, where research shows that they play a significant role in maintaining a healthy weight and body composition as compared to saturated fats.

Medium-chain Triglycerides Boost Fat Burning

Medium-chain triglycerides or MCTs are triglycerides or partially man-made fats that break down in the body upon consumption, after which your liver absorbs them and uses them for energy purposes. Olive oil is an excellent source of MCTs, which brings us to one of the most important benefits of olive oil in promoting weight loss.

MCTs also boost fat burning and weight loss by resulting in negative energy balance in the body through two key processes: lipid oxidation and energy expenditure.

Another study in the National Institute of Health showed that when you consume anything that has MCTs, these fats produce high levels of appetite-regulating hormones such as peptide YY, for instance, which helps people feel full for longer hours. Other than that, the study show revealed that medium-chain triglycerides boost your body’s calorie and fat-burning abilities.

Final Word

There are indeed many wonderful benefits of olive oil in promoting weight loss, but more than that, olive oil is a much healthier choice overall for your health in general.


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