Benefits of Rollerblading For Your Booty


Rollerblading is one of the most exciting, fun-filled activities, that you can do alone, or with a group of people…and it is so underrated! The rollerblading high a the early 2000’s has waned but that doesn’t mean the benefits have! Rollerblading offers more than just amusement and fun. Did you know that it’s also an excellent form of exercise to tone your tushy?

There are so many amazing benefits of rollerblading for your booty, given how this activity makes use of your lower body and works towards sculpting and toning your leg from your calves to thighs all the way up to your glute muscles!

So, if you are looking to get a well-toned and rounded booty, you might want to bring out your rollerblades or skate from the back of your closet and get started!


It Targets the Glutes


rollerblading Chicago body contouring target glutes

Glutes or gluteal muscles are muscles that make up the buttocks. Rollerblading heavily targets your glutes through two main motions: hip abduction and hip extension. When you rollerblade, you perform both these motions that help tone your butt.

Hip abduction occurs when you move your thigh in a lateral position to begin rollerblading while pushing the ground with your food. On the other hand, hip extension refers to the thigh movement when you move it backward.

All this while, another round, small muscle called the tensor fasciae latae on the outer hip is also being worked, which helps tone your booty.


It Lifts the Butt

During rollerblading, your gluteal muscles are constantly being contracted and exerted, which ultimately not only helps lift your butt but also builds these muscles to help you get the appearance of a firmer, stronger bottom. If you go fast and squat down low this offers more resistance and muscle building.


It Makes Use of the Thighs


rollerblading Chicago butt lift TushToners

Your thighs are in constant motion during rollerblading, given how you need to bend repeatedly to increase your speed and also maintain your balance.

This particular movement places great emphasis on your thighs as a way to support the weight of your body. It’s quite similar to a squat, and by making use of your thighs, it helps the booty achieve more definition. This is one of the biggest benefits of rollerblading for your booty.


It Works The Quadriceps

Quadriceps is known to be one of the most powerful sets of muscles in the body, and it forms the main bulk of your thighs.

Rollerblading works the quadriceps muscles, especially when you flex your hip and extend your knees during this activity. This results in two key movements called hip flexion and knee extension.

The latter occurs when you straighten your lower leg, and the former takes place when you move your thigh forward. Both these movements together work the quadriceps, which is essential for toning the booty.


Now that you the ultimate benefits of rollerblading for your booty, it’s time to rollerblade away! Furthermore, note here that rollerblading is more of a full-body workout since every body part plays a unique role of its own throughout. So, be proud of yourself! You are toning every part of your body with an amazingly fun cardio burn!


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