Best abdominal stretches Post Body Contouring Session

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You’ve done it! You’ve began your body contouring journey and just had a session on your stomach…now what? How do you continue to optimize results and get the most out of the service? First and foremost drink lots of water! That, combined with frequent exercise will keep the inches off. Stretching your abs regularly is a great way to do this, plus, it improves posture, increases flexibility, and builds strength. More importantly, it keeps your body’s lymphatic system in high gear, prompting it to continue to remove the toxins (aka liquefied fat from your sessions) so you see the greatest results! There are several types of stretches that you can try for your abdomen to get those results you long for!

The Cobra Pose

best abdominal stretches for body contouring

The cobra pose is a popular stretch for people who are into yoga. It strengthens the core and lower back and provides excellent relief after being hunched over a table, working at a laptop all day long. Ideally, you should hold this stretch for at least 20 to 30 seconds and repeat it two to four times.

The Standing Ab Stretch

standing ab stretch post body contouring stretch Chicago TushToners


The standing ab stretch helps to stabilize balance, posture, and movement. This stretch also relieves back pain and discomfort. Along with this, it prevents the chances of injury by increasing back flexibility. Hold this stretch for 20 to 30 seconds and repeat four times.

The Cat-Cow Stretch


cat cow stretch post body contouring stretch Chicago TushToners
cat cow stretch post body contouring stretch Chicago TushToners

The cat-cow position is another great yoga stretch that can do wonders for your abdomen. It moves the spine from a rounded position to an arched position and helps to maintain a healthy spine and core. It is very relaxing, especially if you want to unwind after a long day.

Oblique Stretches

standing ab stretch post body contouring session Chicago TushToners

Oblique stretches allow us to bend sideways and stretch the abdomen to work out muscles that may not get much love and attention. These stretches improve the overall posture and reduce muscle soreness and tightness.


twist stretch post body contouring session Chicago TushToners

The twister stretch is great for preventing back injury and strengthening the core. This is important for maintaining a person’s balance and overall physical health. This stretch also strengthens the oblique muscles that are along the sides and back of the abdomen.

Full Bridge Stretch

full bridge stretch post body contouring session Chicago TushToners

Glute bridges make a great addition to your ab stretching routine. They not only stretch your abs, but they also direct the movement of your body in the opposite direction as opposed to crunches, which stabilizes the muscles and improves balance.

Supine Stretch

supine stretch post body contouring session Chicago TushToners

The supine stretch is the easiest of all stretches for the abs. Simply lie down on the floor with your legs straight and your arms over your head. Hold the pose for 60 seconds, rest and repeat 3 times. This elongates your body and stretches your core.


The above stretches are essential for a healthy abdomen and ideally done after your body contouring session to help maintain optimal results. If you perform these stretches on a regular basis, it will not only benefit your physical health, but it will also help you feel mentally relaxed and calm.

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