Best booty stretches post Body Contouring

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Your glutes work hard to keep you moving, climbing, standing, running, and jumping. They are the largest muscle group in the entire body, secured by the bones in the hips, back, and legs. Sometimes, when the glutes are tight, you not only feel slight pain or tension around the hips but also in the back and adjoining areas. Exercising and stretching are important regardless, but especially post body contouring because exercise and increased activity help lymph fluid move through the lymphatic system. As the muscles contract, they push lymph through the lymph vessels encouraging drainage, aka the fat and toxins that were just melted during your session! So, to prevent your glutes from getting tight, and retaining the fluid make sure to do a few booty stretches after each body contouring session to maximize your results.

Standing Hamstring Stretch

Unlike static stretches that require you to hold the position for a while, this is a dynamic stretch and requires some amount of body movement. If you are not very flexible right now, it is okay to slightly bend your knees for support.


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  • Stand straight with your feet slightly apart, knees slightly bent, and arms extended outwards by the sides.
  • Start lowering yourself after exhaling. Push your hips back as you gently lower your head all the way towards your toes.
  • Continue your stretch until you feel a slight pull in the hamstring, but make sure that you don’t strain yourself while doing so.
  • Bring yourself back up gently and repeat this stretch at least 20 times.

Standing Stretch


best hamstring stretches Chicago weight loss TushToners

This stretch targets the hips and allows the stiff muscles to loosen up a little. Since your muscles tend to get tight or stiff while sitting in the same position for hours, it is a great stretch for unwinding.


  • Stand straight with your feet joined together.
  • Bend your right knee upwards and use your right hand to hold your leg up. At this point, your right foot should be touching your right butt.
  • Keep your knees joined together. You can place the other hand on a wall for support.
  • Continue to stretch until you feel a slight pull around the hips.
  • Hold the stretch for 5 seconds and repeat it with your other leg.

Downward Facing Dog


downward dog butt stretch Chicago TushToners

This is another amazing stretch to open up the hips and legs. It also relaxes the back and releases tension in the relevant muscles.


  • Place yourself on the floor facing downwards, knees under your hips, and hands under your shoulders.
  • Slowly start to lift your hips upwards, making sure that your hands are spread out wide.
  • Try to straighten out your legs and arms while lifting your hips upwards.
  • At this point, your head should be between your arms. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat 5 times.

Sphinx Pose


spinx pose butt stretch Chicago TushToners

It’s important to move and relax your back, especially if you sit for long hours.


  • Lay down flat on your stomach with your legs stretched out.
  • Keep your elbows under your shoulders and arms on the floor at an angle.
  • Start to lift yourself off the floor, making sure that the lower body remains on the ground.
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed and slowly bring yourself back down.


The above stretches are great to loosen your booty post body contouring session and before you start working out. Stretching is super important especially if you have not worked out in awhile and have gone a long time with inactivity. These booty stretches are super easy and very convenient, even if you have a busy schedule to meet.


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