COVID-19 Has Led to More Sedentary Lifestyles – Change It With These Tips


COVID-19 has made almost everyone homebound, resulting in more sedentary lifestyles all across the globe.

A large number of people have reported that they are sitting quite a lot more now than before the pandemic hit the world, which has made them super lazy and inactive.

This is mainly because schools, colleges, and workplaces have shut down, and being home for such prolonged periods of time naturally reduces physical activity. Among many other problems, the current sedentary lifestyles pose serious health concerns, and it’s essential for people to change this!

Return to Movement Is Key


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Whether you are old or young, a simple solution to change sedentary lifestyles is to return to movement.

Given how unpredictable the current situation is, no one knows when the world will go back to normal.

So, in the meantime, follow these useful tips to become more physically active at home and reduce the risk of possible health risks that inactivity brings with it.

  • Walk for 20 minutes outside every day, no matter where you are or what you are doing, as this will help prevent fatigue and laziness. This will also help you get some Vitamin D which has ample benefits- including mounting evidence it helps reduce the severity of COVID19 symptoms.
  • Every time you are talking on the phone with someone or texting a friend, for instance, stand up and walk around while you do that.
  • Take short breaks from your work throughout the day and either simply walk around or engage in some physical activity such as performing house chores, exercising, or pulse squat when you pick up clothes or toys off the flooor, to name a few.
  • Sign up for an online exercise class and make sure to do it daily. YouTube is loaded with free fitness and exercise videos so just pick whichever you like according to your schedule and do the exercise on a daily basis.
  • Always look for opportunities or chances to get in extra movement during your daily work or errands. For instance, instead of driving your car to the grocer’s, walk your way there and carry the groceries back home yourself. Or, once you are done eating dinner, offer to do the dishes and clear the dining table as this will help you move around a little.
  • Create a balanced schedule where you also include time for physical activities and exercise.
  • Wake up early every morning, and before your start your work for the day, maybe walk in your yard for 10-15 minutes as your sip your coffee, or go for a walk down the block.
  • If your work requires you to be seated for long hours at a stretch, stand up for a few minutes every now and then and work in a standing position.
  • You can also set up a standing desk with the help of a high table, for instance, to help you continue working while standing up.

Final Word

covid sedentary lifestyle Chicago body sculpting  and weight loss

No matter how busy or caught up you might be in your work, it is imperative that you take time out for physical activity and exercise to become active and stress-free during the ongoing pandemic.

Leading these sedentary lifestyles created by COVID-19 will bring nothing but harm in the form of health concerns. So, follow these tips to become physically active during such difficult times.


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