Does Collagen Play A Role In Weight Loss?

Fat on the belly. Reducing fat in the abdominal area. Overweight.

Weight loss is a lifelong concern for many people around the world. Often times is extremely difficult to lose weight in a healthy manner and then successfully maintain it over time.

This is probably why you are likely to come across a plethora of weight loss techniques, methods, products, substances, and procedures, all of which aim to help one lose weight effectively.

One factor that has been shown to significantly help with weight loss is collagen.

Collagen is one of the most popular types of proteins found in the human body in abundance, and it makes up about one-third of the body’s protein composition.

While we’ve generally heard about the benefits of collagen for skin, hair and nails, the fact that it can aid weight loss might come across as a surprise for many people. However, there’s ongoing research on the relationship between collagen and weight loss which shows that collagen peptides and supplements greatly help people lose weight.

So, how exactly does collagen play a role in weight loss?

It Suppresses Appetite

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One of the most important ways through which collagen helps lose weight is by suppressing our appetite. The consumption of hydrolyzed collagen has been shown to release satiating hormones in the blood that significantly reduce an individual’s food intake. As a result of this, the hunger hormones in the body get suppressed, but that doesn’t mean it will directly help you lose weight.

It will simply reduce the frequency of your hunger pangs, and you will no longer have this intense desire to eat as you did earlier.

It Makes You Feel Full

Collagen weight loss Chicago


A key benefit of collagen is that it is more filling and satiating, especially in comparison with other types of proteins such as soy, whey and casein.

A lot of people consume protein powders to promote satiation, but the issue with these products is that they often come with fillers and unnatural additives. This is mainly why they don’t produce the desired results.

Collagen, on the other hand, is extremely beneficial because firstly, it occurs in its pure form and secondly, it makes you feel full without depending on unhealthy substances or additives entering your body.

So, with collagen consumption, you are less likely to overeat during your meals as it helps suppress your appetite and also offers increased satiation.

It Helps Retain Muscle Mass

Collagen weight loss Chicago


With age, the human body tends to lose muscle mass which is generally replaced by fat.

The loss of muscle results in increased secretion of nitrogen in the urine followed by an increase in the dietary protein needs. This is particularly true in the case of elderly people.

However, collagen supplementation has been shown to extremely effective in this case, given how it helps retain muscle mass and preserves the lean body mass.

After all, retaining muscle mass is highly essential for staying healthy, weight management and being active.

Final Word

If you happen to be struggling with healthy weight loss and weight management, you might want to look into collagen peptides and supplements. There are many different varieties available, so it’s best you do your research or even consult your doctor to determine the best type to use.


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