Gentlemen, do you know what body type you are?


Not a single person on this planet is exactly the same as another person. Even identical twins can be told apart because of their slightly distinct physical characteristics. We come in all colors, shapes, and sizes.

Some men are tall and lanky, some are muscular, and others are short and broad. And yes, you are right, short men can also be lanky, and similarly, tall men can be broad. So, while there is so much variation in the men’s body types and shapes, experts decided to categorize all men into 3 generic body types. The 3 men’s body types are as follows:

  1. Ectomorph
  2. Endomorph
  3. Mesomorph



In the early 1940s, there was an American psychologist by the name of William Sheldon. He believed that human’s physical characteristics had an effect on their psychology. To prove his belief, he designed a classification system to co-relate physiology with psychology and presented his findings in his books titled:

  • The Varieties of Human Physique: An Introduction to Constitutional Psychology (1940)
  • The Varieties of Temperament: A Psychology of Constitutional Differences (1942)
  • Atlas of Men: A Guide for Somatotyping the Adult Male at All Ages (1954)

He classified humans into three separate body types and associated their physical characteristics with their nature. For example, he said that mesomorph men, who have a square-shaped and muscular body, are by nature dynamic and active but also a little aggressive and assertive. Whereas endomorph men have round-shaped and soft bodies, and this makes them gentle, relaxed, extroverted, and comfortable.

Even though William Sheldon’s theory of a correlation between the 3 physiologies and their associated psychologies is no longer in use, the 3 men’s body types are still relevant when it comes to health and fitness.

So, what are these 3 men’s body types, and how can you identify yours? Read on to find the answer to your questions.



ENDOMORPHS man body type TushToners Chicago non-invasive laser lipo

Endomorph men have round-shaped bodies, and they tend to gain weight really fast. They have bigger waists, and their body frame can be defined as soft and chubby. Most endomorph men are short and have thick legs and arms. They require regular exercise and for longer durations because their physique can make them look fat if their weight is not maintained.

Fitness trainers have noted that endomorph men have more muscle mass as compared to mesomorph and ectomorph men. Their metabolic rate is also slower, which makes it harder for them to lose weight.

However, with regular exercise and strength training, endomorphs can build their muscles and improve their physique.



ECTOMORPHS man body type TushToners Chicago

Ectomorph men are the complete opposite of endomorph men. They are tall and lanky. They have a very thin and delicate body frame. Ectomorphs have small joints and very little muscle mass. Their arms and legs are long and slender, and they have thin shoulders and flat chests. Overall, their body appears to look long, narrow, and skinny. Even their faces are longer and narrower.

Fitness experts have observed that ectomorph men find it very hard to gain weight, and they have very less body fat. The metabolic rate of ectomorph men is very high. Even though they have large appetites, most of what they eat quickly gets burned, and this is why ectomorph men are considered to be very active.

As ectomorph men have delicate body frames, strength training exercises and protein-rich diets can improve their physique.



man with good abs Mesomorph body type

Mesomorph men are well-built and muscular. They can be tall or medium built, but one thing is for sure, they will have a broad bone structure. They have a naturally athletic physique. Their strong muscles make their bodies hard and tough. They usually have rectangular-shaped bodies with straight, broad shoulders and a wide chest.

They have strong arms and legs, and their heads are bigger than ectomorphs to balance their broad shoulders. It is fairly easy for mesomorph men to gain weight. Their metabolic rate is neither too fast nor too slow, making them ideal candidates for sports and fitness.


Now that you have a clear idea about the 3 men’s body types it can help you discover better ways to train, eat and optimize your results. If you work with a trainer or are planning on trying out some body contouring services (body cavitation or radiofrequency for fat reduction) knowing your body type will plan your fitness routine so it suits your specific needs.


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