Golf for Your Glutes!

Panorama View of Golf Course with fairway field in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. Golf course with a rich green turf beautiful scenery.

Golf has so many benefits, both physical and mental, that can easily be achieved whether you are a beginner or professional! Golf really can be a full body workout, especially if you opt not to take the golf cart and walk the whole course! But even if you do use the cart, your body is in strict alignment for your swing which works everything from your shoulders, chest, core, legs and glutes.

Specifically, the main muscles used for golf, are the pectorals, latissimus muscles, and forearms, but the most important muscles worked in golf are your glutes, also known as the gluteus maximus.

Your glutes are extremely vital to your golf swing, and the stronger your glutes are, the better you will be able to perform in the game.

Why the Glutes Matter


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An important thing to understand about golf is that every player’s swing is uniqueAnd, they say, it should be.

This is because each golfer or player has different levels of strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, posture, timing, positioning, and whatnot.

However, as unique as your golf swing is, the mechanics of producing a great swing and the fundamentals of it remain the same.

Producing a proper swing has a lot to do with your glutes because these muscles serve a very important purpose during a golf swing which is that they help stabilize your pelvis. In golf, stability is absolutely vital given how it promotes muscles endurance, strength and overall balance.

Your glutes are also further responsible for the internal and external hip rotation plus extension during the backswing and downswing, which is primarily how you are able to achieve a balanced finish position.

Maintaining Posture

A key movement in golf is hinging at the hips and rotating around it through the golf swing while maintaining the earlier posture. This entire movement is directly linked to your glute strength, which allows you to use your legs to be consistent and also generate an adequate amount of power.

Furthermore, the speed produced in a golf swing comes from a major power source which is your legs. You must be able to use your legs to transfer the energy and strength all the way to your middle body to produce the perfect swing.

Stabilizing the Pelvis and Hips


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As mentioned earlier, a key requirement of the golf swing is hip and pelvic stability. This helps control excessive or lateral body movement in the backswing, for instance.

The backswing requires your upper body and shoulders to rotate, during which your pelvis should be perfectly stable. This not only creates elasticity in the backswing but also makes it easier for the internal rotation to happen in the hip.

Final Word

In a nutshell, stability is a vital element in golf that majorly comes from your glutes.

So, if you wish to get your body in good shape and form for golf, you might want to start working on your gluteus maximus for maximum performance, which is also the largest and most important muscle group in your body.


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