How Body Contouring Eliminates Love Handles

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They may be called love handles but let’s face it… there really is nothing lovely about them. You know, the excess fat on your waist that bulges out when your wear tight pants or bend over to pick something up from the ground…and with over the past year of an increasingly sedentary lifestyle from COVID, more American’s are out of shape than ever before.

Love handles do not discriminate between sexes. Even though most women store excess fat around their lower abdomen, hips, and thighs, and men store fat in the midsection of their body, anyone can develop love handles. It can be very hard to get rid of love handles even when you follow a strict diet and make it a point to hit the gym regularly.

Medical science blames the low insulin sensitivity or insulin resistance for the formation of stubborn fat. Even if you have cut down on your calorie intake and are exercising regularly to make sure that the calories consumed during the day get burned out, pockets of stubborn fat may remain.

What is Insulin Resistance and How Does it Lead to Belly Fat?


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During digestion, our body releases a substance known as insulin. The function of insulin is to remove glucose from our blood and transport it to the cells that need it. But people who are insulin resistant are unable to remove excess glucose from their blood, and as a result, their body cells are always deprived of the glucose they need to function normally.

People who are insulin resistant feel hungrier and crave sugary food, as their body cells are deficient in glucose. They end up eating more than what their body requires, store the excess calories as stubborn fat, and are also at the risk of becoming diabetic.

In fact, high levels of insulin encourage our body to utilize the glucose from our food and break it down to release energy. This prevents our body from using up the fat reserves that had been stored earlier. As a result, we excess fat keeps building up around our abdominal muscles, glutes, and thighs, leading to the formation of love handles.

How Body Contouring Eliminates Love Handles?


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Non-invasive body contouring services like laser liposuction, radiofrequency treatment, vacuum therapy, and ultrasound treatment eliminate love handles by melting the excess fat around the waistline.

Radiofrequency: A small, hand-held device that emits radiofrequency is used to target the stubborn fat cells around the waist. The heat and radiofrequency that is emitted from the device penetrates deep inside our skin and melts the fat cells. Just like refrigerated butter liquefies when added to a hot pan, in the same manner, the membranes of our hard fat cells break apart, and the fat liquefies. The liquefied fat is then either used up by our body during exercise or is excreted out of the body as a waste product via the lymphatic system.

Ultrasonic Cavitation: During the ultrasound treatment or body cavitation service, a technician uses a device that produces ultrasound waves and heat to break the fat cells and melt them. As the fat deposits are removed, and the fat debris is expelled out of the body, our love handles disappear, and we get a slimmer and tighter waistline.

Laser Lipo: Non-invasive laser liposuction is completely safe and painless. You will be asked to wear a special belt around your waist that emits laser and heat and melts the excess fat in your abdomen. You may require 6 to 8 sessions of laser liposuction before your love handles disappear for good.

Vacuum Therapy: When it comes to targeted removal of excess fat, vacuum therapy is a safe and cost-effective treatment. Suction cups that are attached to a small vacuum device create heat and pressure, forcing the excess fat to melt. The suction pressure in the cups naturally lifts the skin around your waist and makes it more contoured.

So, if your love handles are making it difficult for you to wear tight jeans, dresses, and shirts, then perhaps it is time to give body contouring services a try!


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