How Does Alcohol Affect Body Contouring Results?

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Body contouring treatments can reshape your body and enhance your natural, and oftentimes, undiscovered features. It allows both men and women to reach their ultimate body goals that, in many cases, dieting and exercise, cannot. After a body contouring session, your technician will advise you to make and maintain certain lifestyle changes to ensure that the new look remains consistent for as long as possible. Besides regular diet and exercise, these changes also include limiting alcohol consumption.

Can I Drink Alcohol After Getting Body Contouring Treatments?


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It is generally advised that alcohol intake should be avoided for at least one to two weeks after each session because alcohol is known to stop the body from burning fat especially in the abdominal area, where many clients seek to reduce inches.

Various studies have suggested that heavy drinkers generally consume more calories, fat, and sodium compared to those who drink less or on occasions. Excessive drinking can cause a person to have an ‘apple’ body shape where large quantities of fat are deposited around the abdominal region. This not only makes a person feel discomfort, but it also causes any treatments, such as body contouring, to lose their effectiveness. If you continue to drink heavily after your treatment, you will most likely require several follow-up sessions which will be costly and very frustrating to see the results come and go like a yo-yo diet.

It is recommended that you not drink on the day of your session to maximize your body’s amazing natural lymphatic drainage abilities! The toxins and fat that have been broken down after a body contouring session will drain via urine or sweat, drinking alcohol can minimize what could have been amazing results.

Now we are not saying never drink! It is just something to be aware of. A glass of wine or beer is acceptable but continuing to drink for days after the treatment is not advisable. Similarly, if you know you are having a birthday weekend bash with lots of partying and food, you certainly can get a session before to look your best, but if you put your body through a weekend (weeks) of heavy drinking, poor eating and no exercise, do not be surprised if the inches that previously came off, return to some degree. Everyone’s body is different, some people can drink and eat unhealthily and keep the weight off, others cannot. So it’s important to know what your body responds best to, and usually eliminating alcohol has a host of other benefits for everyone as well!

Furthermore, weight loss can lead to a reduced amount of sugar in the body. Alcohol consumption can further deprive the body of glycogen levels, creating higher risks of developing low blood sugar. If you choose to consume alcohol after the treatment, please try to do so in moderation you see the best contouring results!


For optimum results, TushToners advises you to limit the consumption of alcohol and focus instead on drinking A LOT of water. Body contouring is an investment. We want you to get the most from what you put your hard-earned money into. Summer is coming, we want you to look and feel the best sipping margaritas on the beach or beers on a rooftop, so limiting alcohol until you get your body to where you want it will pay dividends in the future!


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