How to lose weight fast after childbirth

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If being pregnant wasn’t hard enough, reaching a healthy weight post-baby can seem like an unachievable goal and depending upon the delivery and post-natal challenges you may have faced, the time can be even longer to get back your pre-baby body. Have patience, be open to trying different things, but most importantly be proud of yourself for what you have just done, losing the weight will come! But in the meantime, check out 5 simple things virtually any mom can try to get their pre-baby bod back!

1.    Consider Breastfeeding


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Breastfeeding your baby during the first six months of life and beyond can have plenty of benefits for both you and your baby! Breastfeeding supplies essential nutrients to your baby that help them grow as well as support their immune system by fighting against viruses and bacteria.

If you are a mother struggling with postpartum weight, breastfeeding can help you experience successful weight loss along with keeping you safe from the risk of diabetes and cancer. This is because your body is working extra hard and in hyper-mode to produce food for another human so it speeds up your metabolism as it’s turning the foods you eat into nutrients for breastmilk.


2.    Include Fiber-Rich Food to Your Diet

Research shows that eating fiber-based foods can help with weight loss, which is why you should consider including fiber foods in your diet. Having fiber-rich meals will help you feel full for long as it will slow down your digestion and control your hunger hormones. The best sources of fiber are fruits and veggies, such as:

  • Avocados
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Apricots
  • Flax seeds
  • Guavas
  • Turnips
  • Black beans
  • Lima beans

3.    Avoid Added Sugar and Highly Processed Food


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Both these kinds of foods can be a hurdle to your weight loss journey post-pregnancy. Therefore, avoid anything that is high in sugar, salt, and unhealthy carbs. These foods are:

  • Fast foods (pizza, pasta, burgers, etc.)
  • Chips and candies
  • Processed cheeses
  • Processed cereals
  • Cookies and baked goods

4.  Get Non-Invasive Body Sculpting


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Non-invasive body sculpting is an excellent way to shed inches instantly and safely! Of course, prior to doing so, you need to consult with your physician and wait a minimum of 3 months post-partum. But once you have the OK, getting a few sessions of radiofrequency and laser lipo will really help tighten up your abdomen. It will also give you an instant boost that could take several months to achieve with diet and exercise alone.

5.    Be Active


how to lose baby weight Chicago body sculpting

We cannot stress enough how important it is to have a proper workout regime to help you succeed in your postpartum weight loss journey. Following a healthy diet alone may not help you shed unwanted calories. Incorporating a regular workout regimen into your routine on top of eating healthy will help you achieve the desired results.

However, before you begin exercising, you should consult your doctor first to make sure your body is ready. If you had a cesarean delivery, you might have to give your pelvic and stomach areas extra time to heal, sometimes months longer than vaginal birth. And by consulting your healthcare professional, you can also know what type of activity will be best suited to you – given your condition and mode of delivery.

Follow these simple yet effective tips to successfully lose baby weight after pregnancy. Be patient, resilient, and consistent while you’re at it. You did just bring a human into the world, we know you are capable of doing great things!


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