Laser Lipo those inner thighs!


Many women find it challenging to tone their inner thighs. Even after weeks of exercises that target the thigh muscles, your inner thighs may still not be the way you want them. If you manage to lose fat from your thighs, the skin around the inner thighs may still appear loose and saggy. This leads to much frustration and searching for remedies!

Moreover, inner thighs are not the most aesthetically pleasing area, especially if when wearing skinny jeans and short shorts! While many treatments are available that aid weight loss and help us tone our bodies, laser liposuction is becoming increasingly popular as a means to tone and sculpt the inner thighs as its very safe and affordable especially compared to traditional lipo.


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Laser liposuction is a non-invasive method that uses radiofrequency heat to direct laser beams to the subcutaneous layers of your skin where the fat has deposited on the cells and tissues. The laser melts the fats, which are then easily drained out of our body through the lymphatic system.

Laser liposuction is a great way to target stubborn fat in the inner thighs that refuses to budge even with the strictest of diets and vigorous exercise routines. Unlike other treatments that contour the buttocks and thighs by lifting and tightening the skin, laser liposuction addresses the root cause and eliminates the unwanted fatty tissues for good.


A trained body sculpting specialist will administer the laser liposuction service on your inner thighs. A thin fiber-optic tube with a laser beam or pads with laser diodes attached to them will be directed toward your inner thighs.

Together, the heat and laser will shrink and melt the fat, making it softer and easier to be drained naturally through the lymphatic system. As the laser and heat will damage the surrounding cells and tissues, the body will naturally produce more collagen to heal the affected area. This makes the skin on your inner thighs firmer and more contoured.

The service may take anywhere between 5 to 30 mins, depending on the stubbornness of the fat deposits, the size of the affected area, and the result the client desires.



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The laser liposuction shows instant results. It effectively contours and sculpts your inner thighs by removing those stubborn fat deposits that even the best exercises and diets could not remove. Your skin immediately adjusts to the new, flattened thighs. Overall, your inner legs will look more toned and slender than before. Generally, 1-6 sessions is when a client will see more lasting desirable results.

You can easily resume your exercise routine and strenuous physical activities to maintain the shape of your thighs.


The effectiveness of laser liposuction for inner thighs has been hyped up by doctors and fitness experts worldwide. If you can’t wait to wear your old miniskirts and denim shorts this summer, then you must consider getting laser liposuction for inner thighs to get those results you’re looking for.


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