Want to Look Good in a Bikini? Try This!


Summer is right around the corner. Soon, if COVID restrictions are lifted in Chicago, we can expect to see swarms of locals and tourists flocking to the lakefront and beaches to bask in the sun and swim in Lake Michigan. You may already be dreaming about your summer adventures whether that be here in Chicago, another state or abroad. But one thing is VERY different from summer’s past, the effect that the lockdowns and restrictions have had on our bodies.

Chances are most people are not what they personally consider to be beach body ready. A recent study with >3,000 adults stated, “Slightly More Than 6 in 10 U.S. adults (61%) report undesired weight change since the start of the pandemic. Further, Millenials reported the GREATEST increase of 41 lbs!!!!

Though regular exercise and eating a proper diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle are paramount for long-term health and wellbeing, those things take time and discipline. Body sculpting is arguably the fastest and easiest way to lose the quarantine weight and target your problem areas to achieve a more toned figure. It is a painless method of losing stubborn fat and tightening your skin so that you look just as hot at the sun that is shining over you!

There are several cost-effective and clinically tested body sculpting services that you can choose from to get your desired results. And even though the method of fat reduction may vary from one treatment to another, one thing remains the same… summer is coming fast and the clock is ticking!

Radiofrequency Treatment


summer body chicago weight loss TushToners

Radiofrequency is a non-invasive body sculpting service in which a trained technician will use a handheld device to emit radiofrequency waves and heat. The radiofrequency waves and heat penetrate into the skin and fat cells that have been formed underneath our skin. The radiofrequency waves break down the hard fat cells, and the heat melts the fat into a liquid state. The melted fat debris is easily absorbed by the body and converted into energy. The extra fat passes through the lymphatic system and is excreted out of the body as a waste product.

Radiofrequency is fast, painless, and effective for fat reduction and skin tightening. During the process, our skin cells get damaged due to the penetration of heat and radiofrequency. To repair those damaged cells, our body produces collagen, which acts as a natural skin tightener for our saggy skin.

Radiofrequency has zero recovery time, and the clients can walk back home right after the service.

Non-Invasive Laser Liposuction


laser lipo Chicagosummer body chicago weight loss TushToners

As the name suggests, non-invasive laser lipo is a non-surgical service that burns your extra fat and sculpts your body. During the service, laser lipo diodes or pads are placed on your problem areas and secured with a belt to hold in place. These pads emit laser beams and heat that are used to break down the stubborn fat cells and liquefy them for easy absorption. The fat excess fat is naturally drained out of the body through the body’s lymphatic system, and as a result, you get a slimmer, firmer, and younger-looking body.

Non-invasive laser lipo is a safe and painless body sculpting service. At most, clients might feel a slight warming sensation during and after the service if their skin is sensitive. But this can easily be cured by applying cooling gels to soothe your skin.

Body Cavitation


summer body chicago weight loss TushToners

If you really want that chiseled look this summer, then body cavitation is what you should go for. High-frequency ultrasound waves are emitted from a handheld device that cut right through those annoyingly resistant fat cells. The heat along with the high-frequency ultrasound waves, melt the excess body fat into an oily liquid that is excreted out of the body via the lymphatic system. As the fat deposits are eliminated and collagen is produced to tighten your skin, what you get is a sexy summer body that is ready to rock those gorgeous bikinis.


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