What Is Body Contouring?


Don’t you just hate it when old photos pop up on your phone and you see a younger, slimmer, and seemingly happier version of you smiling back? It was so easy to be slim and carefree when you were back in high school and college. Even though you were probably eating more junk food than you do now, you also probably slept a lot more than you do now, and you might be getting just as much physical exercise as you do now, so what gives?

Why was it so easy for your body to bounce back so good but not anymore? Now, even when you invest a crazy amount of time and effort to maintain your health and physique, you are far away from attaining your dream body.

The answer lies in human anatomy. Medical science has proven that after 30 years of age, the fat storage around our muscles intensifies. Older people have 30% more fat as compared to children and young adults. After we turn 30, both men and women produce fewer hormones as they have crossed their peak age of reproduction. Men produce less testosterone, and women produce less estrogen. This hormonal change is responsible for a slower metabolic rate. We burn calories at a much slower rate as compared to the rate of calorie intake.

This is where body contouring aka body sculpting comes in! Body contouring services help to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat, especially from the abdominal regions and lower body. These services reduce fat tissues from our problem areas and simultaneously lift the skin, giving our body a firm, contoured and toned appearance.

Radiofrequency Treatment

radiofrequency body contouring Chicago TushToners

During a radiofrequency session, a technician will use a hand-held device to emit radiofrequency and heat, which will penetrate deep into your skin and melt fat cells and tissue. The melted fat and tissue will then naturally pass through the lymphatic system and drain out of your body as excreted waste. To repair the damaged skin cells, collagen will be produced. The production of collagen makes our skin tighter and firmer. As a result, we get a contoured body.

Radiofrequency treatment is completely non-invasive, safe, and painless. The session is less than an hour long, and patients can walk back home right after the session.

Body Cavitation


ultrasonic body cavitation Chicago TushToners

Body cavitation is a safe, painless, and non-invasive beauty service for fast fat reduction and body slimming. A device will be used that radiates high-intensity ultrasound waves to destroy fat cells and membranes. The liquefied fat either gets turned into energy or naturally gets drained from the body through the lymphatic system.

The session feels like a massage and lasts under an hour. There is no downtime for body cavitation, and customers can leave to go home once the session is complete.

Non-invasive Laser Liposuction


laser lipo Chicago TushToners

Non-invasive laser liposuction is ideal for reducing fat from the abdominal region, buttocks, and inner thighs. During non-invasive laser liposuction, a technician will place diodes or pads on your problem areas – these pads emit a laser beam. This laser beam penetrates deep inside your skin and breaks down the fat cells. Again, the liquefied fat is either used up by the body and converted into energy or passed through the lymphatic system to be excreted as waste.

Non-invasive laser lipo is safe and painless. The average client will see 1/2 – 2 inches lost per session.

Vacuum Therapy


vacuum therapy Chicago TushToners

In vacuum therapy, a device that is connected to a suction cup is used to heat the fat and lift the skin. The suction pressure melts the thick layer of fat cells and tissues under the skin. As the fat melts, the body removes it via the lymphatic system. The sucking pressure also lifts the skin to make it appear firmer and more contoured than before.

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