What is ultrasonic body cavitation?


Weight loss and enhancing your personal image is a common goal, strived for by many all over the world. Thanks to scientific and technological advancements, that dream is now much more easily attainable to the masses, and no longer just for the super-rich.

Many people struggle to lose weight and eliminate excess fat from their body, but one of the latest, and fastest-growing aesthetic breakthroughs, ultrasonic body cavitation, or simply “body cavitation” is changing all of that!

Body cavitation has quickly become a painless, popular way to remove fat, cellulite and slim down your body in no time.

What Is Ultrasonic Body Cavitation?

Simply put, body cavitation is a non-invasive fat reduction process that is a safer alternative to invasive, surgical procedures like liposuction. This technique makes use of ultrasound technology on the targeted areas of the body to remove excess fat by reducing fat cells.


How Does It Work?

A body-contouring expert first applies an ultrasound device to target areas on your body. The device sends low-frequency sound waves, and in some cases, followed by light suction.

These waves travel deep into the layers of the skin, where they cause a disruptive vibration. The vibrations heat the layer of fat cells present under the surface of the skin that causes the cells to liquefy.

The liquefied fat cells are eventually absorbed by the body’s lymphatic system and are then drained from the body in the form of waste.

Targeted Areas for Ultrasonic Body Cavitation

Ultrasonic body cavitation is also frequently performed on the following body areas or parts:

  • stomach
  • hips
  • face
  • neck
  • upper arms
  • thighs, inner and outer areas


How Long Do the Results of Body Cavitation Last?

Since ultrasonic body cavitation doesn’t destroy fat cells but rather, empties their contents; instead, it means that the fat cells in your body can easily store fat content again.

The best way to ensure lasting results is to follow a balanced diet. If you end up consuming more calories than what you burn, the results are likely to diminish in a short time.

The good news here, though, is that the results of body cavitation are permanent, but only as long as you maintain a healthy diet and exercise.


How Many Sessions Does A Person Need?

Most individuals are visibly able to see results right after the first session! However, it’s possible that a person requires between 8 and 12 sessions for optimum results. The exact number of treatment sessions that you need will also vary according to multiple factors such as your weight, the area being treated and your age. Each session at TushToners is 45 minutes.


The Benefits of Body Cavitation Treatment

  • Doesn’t require any recovery time
  • It’s safe and non-surgical
  • It’s the perfect option for those who don’t want to take any extreme, excessive measures.
  • Permanent results if a healthy diet and exercise are maintained.

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